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The supersonic cleaner is using the high frequency, short wave length supersonic to make the liquid generating countless miniature vacuum bubbles, the "cavity phenomenon", because once the air bubbles blowing out by pressure, it will generate strong impact force. For the dirts in dead corners and seams of the items to be cleaned, supersonic will use its powerful stripping-off, piercing-thru forces, plus the coordination of detergents, to perform a results of absolutely cleaning

    1.    Speedy cleaning, saving a great deal of time and labor, bring down the cost extensively.
    2.    All items to be cleaned, including precision parts or expansive & complicate shaped objects shall be throughly clean without any damage to the material, so as to raise up the quality and achieve the homogenization of productions.
    3.    Simple to operate, and may coordinate the automatic equipment to perform automation, thus increase the production.
    4.    Solving the headaches unable to remove by general cleaning methods, such as the polished particles blocked in dead corners and hidden holes, or the acids and alkalines infiltrated in the seams of spot welding after electroplating
    5.    Coordinating different detergents specially designed for the dirts attached, performing a safer, faster and better cleaning results.

Comparison of cleaning results:

Supersonic Cleaning      100%
Steam Cleaning           45~50%
Pressure Cleaning        75~80%
Soaking Cleaning         30~45%